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M-Files Optimizes Workflows in Renault Nissan


The business activities of the Bulgarian unit of Renault Nissan include import, marketing and advertising of Renault, Dacia and Nissan cars, spare parts and distribution to dealers.


  • The large volume of expense documents sent daily to various employees of the company creates problems in their categorization
  • The process of collecting, stocking, approving expenses and final accounting in the correct direction creates conditions for errors and omissions
  • Passing each document through all responsible units is a difficult and cumbersome process



The company chose M-Files as a system to organize and manage all documents by client, type, date or other criteria, as well as to archive document files.

How M-Files optimizes company workflows

  • A single place to store expenditure documents

Each employee, who receives a document, imports it into M-Files, being responsible for its correct completion, choosing from a certain list of strictly defined metadata. After that, the document is pushed forward into the approval chain. Now finally approved, the document is titled, archived and sorted automatically according to needed criteria. It is available in the system for all employees at any time.

  • Automated workflows

– A workflow is set up through which documents go through several approval steps and then go to posting.

– The workflow assigns separate tasks to each employee who is responsible for approving the corresponding step.

– Rules have been introduced for approval at different levels depending on the amount of the document.

– After final approval, the documents are assigned to the accounting department for posting in the ERP system.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV

In M-Files, information is extracted from Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV for all lists (suppliers, departments, lines, type of expense, etc.) that are needed for the classification of expense documents. When employees classify a document in the system, they can select from precisely defined items on these lists. This subsequently facilitates the accounting process.

An additional module has been developed that automatically marks documents as posted and paid when this is done, so that employees can see the current status of their records at any time.

Implementation results and benefis

  • Effective information management of all expense documents through a centralized system
  • Automated workflows for expense approval and submission of accounting documents
  • Improved traceability of all information
  • Easy integration and synchronization with business systems currently in use
  • Flexible access administration
  • Convenient and easy file sharing and classification for more effective collaboration and teamwork
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About Renault Nissan

Renault Nissan Bulgaria was established by the Renault Nissan Alliance as a subsidiary of Renault SAS.

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