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8 information management challenges in the organization that M-Files ECM will help you address

by FTS Bulgaria, December 16, 2019

1. Too much unstructured information
If a real chaos reigns in the content you store and manage within your organization, it is not possible to find the right document at the right time, and no less problem is duplication of information on the computers of different employees.

2. Protection and security of confidential information
You encounter difficulties storing and protecting confidential information and securing access rights for employees with different roles.

3. Sharing and teamwork
You are looking for a way to securely share files with your business partners and customers.

4. Lack of links between the information in different systems in the organization
You use different systems, applications, and repositories (network folders, SharePoint, email, ERP, CRM, DMS, etc.) and for this reason, much of the information remains ‘enclosed’ in the particular system where it is stored, and it is difficult to share it with your other colleagues, it is difficult to transfer it from one system to another.

5. Critical information remains ‘enclosed’ within the e-mail
It turns out to be a real challenge to manage the information stored in the emails you receive or send from your e-mail. You have difficulty managing the content of the sent/received emails.

6. Automation of office tasks
There are business processes for managing information in the organization that are largely inefficient, some of them are still completely ‘paper-based’, routine tasks are not automated that would reduce the risk of error and free up staff time.

7. Regulations and compliance
The industry in which you operate has specific compliance regulations that also affect the way information is managed, there are restrictions on the access rights of employees with different roles within the organization. You face challenges of archiving and reusing different documents.

8. Perception of the system and employee readiness for work
Employees are reluctant or have trouble getting used to the new interface of a new IT solution.

M-Files faces all above challenges and offers intelligent solutions.

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