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Artstroy 1 Investment Implemented Modern System for Customer Management and Marketing Automation


Artstroy 1 Investment company, part of Artstroy Group, chose to invest in the implementation of a new generation software for customer relationship management – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales packed with the designated solution for marketing automation ClickDimensions.


The implemented CRM system responds to the specifics of investment business and aims for efficient communication and interaction with current and prospective customers, as well as between departments. Through role-based screens, automated workflows reduce the gap between marketing and sales and help to define clear business strategies.

Among the goals for the CRM system is to accumulate necessary information for potential and current customers to identify their needs, as well as to determine the stage of the customer in the customer journey to respond to their wishes as much as possible. The result is the achievement of the best marketing and business decisions, which can also help to increase the company’s sales and revenue.


The CRM solution is cloud-based and assists company salespeople in their efforts to more easily identify prospects with the potential to buy, builds trust with their customers and increase the number of possible deals by sending relevant offers at the right time.

With the designated marketing automation system ClickDimensions, the marketing team gets automation and personalization of e-mail marketing, precise tracking of the prospects’ activities, measuring the interest level of prospects, opportunities for long-term, automated marketing campaigns, search for information about prospects on social networks, creation of surveys, landing pages, registration forms, integration with external systems such as webinar platforms, etc.


With both solutions, Artstroy 1 Investment improved control, the security of customer and prospect data and streamlined collaboration between the teams in different departments. All employees can work simultaneously in the system, with the information stored in the cloud, and everyone has access to the same information in real-time. This greatly increases the flexibility and speed of work, prevents the loss of information and increases the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities in the company.

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Artstroy 1 Investment is part of Artstroy Group, a construction, investment and facilities management company with strong traditions and vision. Operating since 2000 in the Bulgarian market, the company relies on professionalism, established standards, and quality at all stages of its business.

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