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Aligning IT and Marketing

Once upon a time, IT and marketing could not have lived in more different worlds. Now, thanks to technological advances and sweeping changes in consumer behaviour, IT and marketing must converge like never before. But just because these roles need to come together doesn’t mean that they are or that they are working together well.

Let’s take a look at why IT and marketing need each other, the best practices for aligning these two teams, and how cross-functional collaboration can benefit entire organizations. All that you will find in this whitepaper.

Interesting fact: 78% of IT professionals think they work collaboratively with marketing, but only 58% of marketers agree that that’s the case.

The experts from ClickDimensions emphasize the following benefits of aligning IT and Marketing:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Shift from a Singular to Integrated Mindset
  • Better Data Management
  • Changing Organizational Culture
  • Selecting and implementing the Best Technology

Get a copy of the whitepaper with the vision of how to align sales and marketing with a technology platform.

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