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A Large Retailer in Eastern Europe Has Built Analytics and Reporting System Based on Power BI with FTS

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Technomarket uses KPI analytics and reports based on Microsoft Power BI analytical tools on a daily basis.


For middle and top managers, critical indicators are product turnover, sales dynamics by different channels and brands, financial performance, and performance of the online store.

Before the implementation of the BI system, Technomarket has been using Microsoft Excel tables for data visualization and analysis. Employees were spending several days collecting, sorting, checking, and preparing data for analysis. Often the information was out of date by the time it was presented to the company’s management.

Company representatives wanted quick and easy data visualization of the company KPI. Remote work and mobile access to data with clear user roles access restrictions for different user groups became a critical requirement.


The main factors in favour of FTS Group and Power BI were the successful experience in the implementation of ERP and ECM projects by FTS consultants, and the full compatibility of Power BI with other IT solutions used by the client.

An additional advantage was the possibility to use the product on any platforms and devices and its competitive price.


Now, analytics is based on all departments working data (50 retail stores, warehouses, logistics, and finance departments). The data comes from the company’s ERP system, ECM system, and online store. Technomarket uses publicly available statistical data as well.

It became easier for managers to carry out strategic analysis and, if needed, drill down in each indicator by stores, products, promotions, campaigns, projects, and tasks.

According to the results of the BI solution implementation, the management noted:

  • Improved quality of reports
  • Data relevance
  • Quick access to the necessary information
  • Mobile access via secure communication channels
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Technomarket is a large retailer chain of electronics and household appliances in Eastern Europe with 50 stores in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

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