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Success Story

NAM manages properties with the FTS Property Solution

Key metrics

4 months

The project implementation lasted


The NAM benefits from FTS Property Solution based on the Deltek Maconomy ERP system.


The ERP implementation project at NAM was carried out in few stages, lasting 4 months and was completed in November 2014.

In the first stage of the project, the following were automated:

  • maintenance of directories of tenants and their contact details, shopping centre information, premises;
  • registration of lease agreements and their terms;
  • automatic issuing of invoices to tenants according to the terms of the contracts;
  • registration of lease payments and security deposits of tenants, including integration with the “Bank-Client” system;
  • automatic issue of invoices and certificates to tenants’ invoices;
  • coordination of payments with invoices;
  • automatic generation of notifications to tenants;
  • generation of printed forms from the system (invoice, invoice, act, reconciliation certificate, reminder letters).

The second stage of automation included building reports for business analysis:

  • accounts receivable report;
  • report on terms of contracts;
  • tenant payments report.
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Norman Asset Management (NAM) is a development company specialising in large format retail. Since 2001, NAM has been involved in the development of over 350,000 sqm of retail space.

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