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Ensuring Quality and Compliance with Effective Information Management

Companies that operate in highly regulated and frequently audited environments are often challenged with managing an ever-growing mountain of compliance documentation. Non-compliance of documents with the requirements of standards can lead to legal liability of the company. Therefore, it is important to create such an information management system that would minimize these risks.

According to M-Files research, many companies still maintain manual processes for routing, filing and organizing compliance-critical documentation. These error-prone and time-consuming practices present a major risk and can easily compromise a company’s ability to meet FDA, GMP, ISO 9001 and other regulations and standards.

In this e-book, M-Files experts explore the signs of poor enterprise content management and how to improve that efficiency.

The book will be useful to directors and quality managers, quality department specialists, as well as managers who want to optimize the management of contracts and documents in the company.

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* The e-book is produced by M-Files, a leading content management platform provider.


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