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Automate your business processes with intelligent information management

Document-intensive processes need to be digitized. The reason is simple: digitalization improves the customer journey and experience and enhances your organization’s competitive advantage. Furthermore, a digital workplace not only supports process owners, but it also helps compliance officers, partners and customers focus on core business tasks.

But, according to Forrester, many enterprises still struggle with digital transformation. M-Files, an FTS partner, has released a new whitepaper on how to make the digital transformation successful and why companies need intelligent information management.

In this whitepaper, you will find:

  • benefits of digitized business process;
  • why manual work could be a barrier to more efficiency;
  • the three keys to more efficient information management;
  • how to Recognize the potential for more efficiency;
  • examples of processes supported by M-Files;
  • example use case.

Some interesting facts from the whitepaper:

  • organizational information is doubling every 1,2 year;
  • an information worker spends more than two hours per day searching for documents, and up to two hours per day recreating documents, as the correct version cannot be found or has been lost;
  • 35% of interviewees commented that they are either using or could be using AI to automate text analysis for better document categorization and classification.

This whitepaper will be useful for all companies that want to improve their enterprise content management efficiency.

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