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Navitrans Logistics Software

Navitrans is a pro software for logistics, transport and forwarding companies or departments, which includes modules for road transportation, sea- and air- freight, intermodal transport and public warehousing.

It is the most complete out-of-the-box logistic software in the market today. Modules can be used both independently of each other and in integration. Navitrans helps you to connect processes, make informed decisions, serve customers more efficiently and rapidly grow. Navitrans has 7000 users in 30 countries.

In this brochure, you will learn about the main benefits of Navitrans for your business, such as improvement efficiency, full control over the company’s operating activities and effective integration with third-party programs, devices, and processes.

The brochure will be useful for transport and forwarding companies, public warehouse companies and logistics providers (3PL).

Download the brochure and learn more about Navitrans advantages