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Why the logistic industry will continue to invest in technology?

Whereas a few years ago a majority of logistic service providers was rather reluctant when it came to new technologies, today this reluctance seems to have turned around completely. Driven by a number of disruptive market evolutions, logistic industry reports now show an unprecedented drive towards innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

In this whitepaper, NaviTrans, a partner of FTS Group, reviewed the main trends and drivers for the development of the logistics services market.

Some interesting facts from the whitepaper:

  • 93% of all respondents see technology as a differentiator for logistic companies;
  • 65% of logistics companies expect an increasing investment in technology;
  • The most popular technologies for investment are transportation management systems (48.6%), business intelligence systems (43.6%) and warehouse management systems (36.5%).

The whitepaper will be useful for transportation and forwarding companies, warehousing companies, and logistics service providers (3PLs).

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