KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview 2021 - FTS

KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview 2021

KPMG has released its 6th annual Real Estate Innovations Overview (REIO), with examples of innovations and trends in real estate and construction from around the world with more than 700 innovations grouped in 6 categories from 42 countries.

In the digital era, innovations based on information technologies are the primary element for development plans and competitive business strategy for companies from Real Estate, Construction, Development and Investments. The COVID-19 pandemic and corona crisis has demonstrated the key role of innovations for real estate professionals and companies.

Interesting facts from the KPMG overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the global real estate market: 

  • 54% of the Real Estate industry believes COVID-19 is forcing sustainability considerations up the agenda.
  • 88% of the Real Estate industry believes COVID-19 has encouraged interest in flexible office concepts and new business models.
  • Despite a mid-year dip, global rent levels increased through yearend 2020 and ended with a full year increase of 2,9%.

The overview includes solutions for digitizing processes, flexible workspaces, innovative construction, using the Internet of Things, platforms to connect, VR & 3D mapping. Moreover, analysts shared information about the latest trends in local and international markets.

In the overview, you will find:

  • A bird’s eye perspective on post-COVID-19 recovery in the international Real Estate market
  • Latest and future trends which shape the Real Estate and Construction sector
  • Insights into the added value of innovation for business with specific use cases
  • List of solutions with for the entire real estate value chain: sourcing, design and planning, construction, property and facilities management, transactions and leasing, investing and financing
  • Access to an interactive dashboard with data on innovative real estate solutions

The review will be useful for representatives of development, construction and investment companies to gain insight into current trends and specialized solutions in real estate.

Download the KPMG report and learn more about the real estate innovations.

Source: KPMG