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The 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report

This report was commissioned by M-Files to better understand how companies across the globe are managing their growing store of company information. With 100% clarity, the conclusion is that document management remains a challenge.

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Detailed overview

The way organizations manage company information sits at the crossroads of just about all business processes. Day after day and week after week, employees are wasting a significant amount of time dealing with the myriad of challenges related to working with company documents — across the entire document lifecycle. That wasted time is a silent killer to productivity, which can cost organizations a tremendous amount of money in opportunity costs.

In a recent study, IDC revealed that the unproductive time workers spend as a result of information management inefficiencies amounts
to a loss of 21% of the organization’s total productivity, which costs the organization an astounding amount — nearly $20,000 per worker per year.

While intelligent information management (IIM) encompasses so much more than the catchall term of ‘document management’, core functionality of any IIM platform is the ability to store, manage and track documents. It’s that core functionality that we focus on with this research. Particularly, researchers from M-Files wanted to know the ease with which workers can find the documents they need, where information is typically stored and the proliferation of mobile devices in managing company information.