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9 Ways Construction Companies are Leading Digital Transformation

We present you a whitepaper on digital transformation for construction companies. This paper was compiled by experts from the M-Files platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively.

Who will benefit from this whitepaper?

  • Representatives of construction companies and companies with project activities.
  • Systematization of material will be useful for project managers, department heads, managers and key procurement personnel.

What is this whitepaper about?

There is a paradox between architecture/industrial design companies and their counterparts in the construction industry. The architecture and industrial design industries are both highly digitized whereas companies in the construction industry are lagging in the digital transformation of their organizations.

This whitepaper is to address how construction companies are catching up to their computer-heavy design partners and using Intelligent Information Management (IIM) systems as one pathway to digital transformation. Specifically, it focuses on the nine most powerful ways construction companies are using IIM to drive the digitization of their businesses.

Read this whitepaper and find answers about how to modernize your business operations with digital transformation.

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