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Agency Best Practice Guide for Operations Management

Expertly handling resource and project management has always been a key factor to agency success. But now, as the current global crisis puts new pressure on your margins and your people, it’s more critical than ever to keep projects on time and on budget – while avoiding employee burnout and turnover.

That’s no straightforward task. It involves tracking project financials, getting the most from your people, creating accurate forecasts, establishing key operational processes, and more. As a Project or Resource Manager, or an Operations Leader, you’ve got a lot on your shoulders.

In this best practice guide, we’ll explore how you can optimize project and resource management to improve workflows, control costs, boost utilization and effectively monitor projects from ideation to delivery.

You will find information and industry best practices on how to power your people, projects and profits in your daily activities. All these, provided with specific steps, relevant KPIs and industry insights from a long-year experience of consultants for agency business solutions.

Get your copy of the guide and show it to your Operational Leaders.

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