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The State of Workflow Management for Marcom and Digital Agencies

Study how your colleagues from around the globe face challenges of workflow management and implement industry best practices into your processes.

The report was prepared based on a global survey of 170 marketing and creative agencies conducted by the SoDA, a global Society of Digital Agencies, and supported by the experts from Deltek, a leading software provider for PSO, including agencies.

Some takeaways of the study:

  • 80% of the agencies reported using workflow management tools, including collaboration tools, stand-alone project management tools, as well as more comprehensive workflow and resource management solutions.
  • Over 50% of agencies using some type of project management software are confident in the sustainability of their business models. Those experiencing profit growth claim new client acquisition is the overwhelming factor driving that growth, followed by efficient resource management and real-time insights.
  • The single and greatest profit-eating challenge, however, is the lack of scope creep management and processes. Sixty-three per cent revealed this issue has the absolute greatest impact on their project and overall profitability- followed closely by the lack of view into over-servicing, at 57%.
  • If you combine areas that are potentially easier to correct and manage more efficiently, including billing delays/ errors, timekeeping errors and delays; the overall impact on profits is a staggering 82%.

Download the report and get insights for your agency.

Picture to the SoDA report on the state of workflow management in digital and marcom agencies