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Elmark Holding preferred Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its dynamic business

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Elmark is licensed for the manufacturing of full range of professional low-voltage electrical equipment, lighting and installation products.

The rapid company growth required the implementation of an integrated business management system. Elmark decided to select Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the company integrator – FTS Bulgaria.


The company entered the international market and this led to the necessity of using an integrated management system, which could reflect the company policy, lead to reduction of the costs and guarantee the planning of the  supplies.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV  offers rich functionality regarding the  planning of the supplies and the manufacturing,  as well as CRM, logistics and warehouse management, financial management, reports and analyses.

Along with the implementation of the system Elmark launched a program to unify its activities and trade policies in order to improve the organization and to guarantee the smooth implementation of the software system. Some modifications in the features of the system were made so it can adapt the specific requirements of the company.

There are some additional developments that were made in the existing module Sales, so that the customers of Elmark can be offered better services. Special attention was paid to the processes of reclamation, issuing packing lists, setting a data base for customs references, accepting individual orders for manufacturing of electrical appliances, management and synchronization of materials. The planning module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV fully meets the requirements of Elmark for accurate and up-to-date information for planning the expected sales and supplies.

During 2009 the company continued its growth and this led to implementation of the system in the Elmark’s offices in Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

After that followed the implementation of module Manufacturing in Elmark Industries – a manufacturing company, part of Elmark Group with a modern warehouse.

At last the FTS team started executing the process of consolidation in the holding structure of the company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows the execution of consolidation of all the companies in Elmark Group, no matter in which country the offices is situated or what currency they are working with.

The benefits

  • Rich functionality of the system
  • Planning of the supplies and calculation of the expected quantities
  • Unified policy regarding the customer contracts, prices, discounts and payment terms
  • Consolidation of the company data
  • CRM
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About Elmark Holding

Elmark is licensed for  the manufacturing  of  full range of professional low-voltage electrical equipment, lighting  and installation products.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Elmark Holding has achieved consolidation of the information and better control.

Kremena Nedeva, Administrative Director

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