Euromaster Import - Export Manages a Diverse Portfolio of Own Brands with the ERP Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX - FTS

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Success Story

Euromaster Import – Export Manages a Diverse Portfolio of Own Brands with the ERP Solution Microsoft Dynamics AX

The dynamic growth of Euromaster required the automation and organization of supply chain planning and management processes, sales management and planning, financial management and control, preparation of precise business analyses. All this led to the launching of a process of choosing an integrated ERP system. The top management of Euromaster decided to implement one of the most powerful solutions in the world – Microsoft Dynamics AX from the company-implementor FTS Bulgaria.

The new software system helped to optimize the organization of work in the company. Euromaster can now count on the flexibility of the ERP solution to set up sales forecasts for future periods (for example on annual basis) or use a key to allocate quantities to sub periods (for example months). Quantities for planned purchases are calculated to ensure stock availability for forecast sales and the supply for sales promotions is planned.

The challenge

The dynamic growth of Euromaster required a precise organization, automation and monitoring of business processes and operations.

The solution

The information solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and provides the company with an integrated functionality for the management of supply chain planning, sales and customer relationships, control of finances, preparation of detailed business analyses and more.

The benefits

  • All departments of the company working in an integrated environment
  • Accurate sales forecasting by items or groups of items
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Traceability of operations and extensive reporting capabilities
  • Integration with a mobile barcode system for warehouse management
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Euromaster Import–Export is a leading distributor of professional and DIY power and mechanical tools in Bulgaria. The company offers more than 4000 items under multiple brands. Euromaster’s products are well-known in Southeast Europe – Romania, North Macedonia and Serbia.

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