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Pernod Ricard Bulgaria Uses BI Solution from FTS For Real-Time Analysis and Control

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Pernod Ricard Bulgaria uses the BI solution based on Power BI & Advanced Analytics from FTS.


While implementing Business Intelligence (BI) system in the Bulgarian office of Pernod Ricard, the FTS Team has focused on the main company business goal. The leadership planned to develop analytical business software for real-time data analysis and control, regardless of their origin and volume.

The final solution was built on the cloud infrastructure Microsoft Azure combining various data sources and many elements of the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure services such as Power BI Premium, Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft SQL, SSAS.


  • Accurate and timely analysis
    The management of the company has daily and hourly up-to-date and verified information.
  • Automating the corporate reporting process
    The tasks for preparing the monthly corporate reports are maximally automated. Employees now are saving their time earlier spent on manual data entry, and reporting accuracy is increasing.
  • Providing a holistic view of business results
    In recent years, the company has acquired several new companies, which has seen a significant increase in brands and require a new approach to the market, performance analysis and budgeting. The power BI solution from FTS provides the desired comparability of results and maximum flexibility in the analytics.
  • Improved inventory planning
    With the BI solution, the company has full visibility throughout the supply chain. It enables the team to minimize overstocking and to close and move its customers’ orders as quickly as possible.

The BAIT committee recognized the collaborative BI project of FTS and Pernod Ricard and nominated it for the BAIT 2019 awards in the category “Successful Bulgarian ICT project for the benefit of the Bulgarian economy”.

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Pernod Ricard Bulgaria is a leading international company for manufacturing and distributing high-quality spirits and wines globally. The company has 85 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 19,000 employees and over $8 billions in annual turnover.

In Bulgaria, Pernod Ricard has been active for 20 years and implemented impressive projects that prove the company’s commitment to promoting socially responsible behaviour, nature conservation and the use of innovative business practices.

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