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Sarten Bulgaria Improves Its Manufacturing Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sarten Bulgaria is a company with solid traditions and professionalism in the manufacture of light metal packaging for food and industrial purposes. Founded in 1999, the company has been developing sustainably and progressively since then and is currently one of the leaders in the industry. The company has a rich manufacturing base and technological equipment and sells its products on both the domestic and foreign markets. At present, 65% of the production is sold on the international market, and the remaining 35% – on the domestic market.

The decision to implement an information system was driven by the need to achieve specific business goals. In line with the established practice in the company, in the realization of the launched IT projects significant attention was paid to defining the requirements for the system and its vendors, the examination and evaluation of concrete offers and choosing a solution and vendor that best meet the requirements set.

The challenge

The growing demand in Sarten Bulgaria for more accurate inventory planning and stock optimization prompted the need of introducing an ERP system.

The solution

The information solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and provides the company with an integrated functionality for production, finance, purchasing, sales and planning.

The benefits

  • Accurate and fast calculation of estimated and actual cost
  • Extended quality control capabilities
  • Better communication between departments in the company
  • Tracking and actual reporting of stocks
  • Summaries and reports
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Sarten Bulgaria manufactures light metal packaging various in shape, size and purpose for the food industry – cans for preserved semi-finished food – vegetable and meat, cans for confectionery and coffee, canned fish and cheese packaging, for the chemical industry – crop protection chemical, oil, paint, cosmetics packaging, etc.

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