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Gain peace of mind knowing your data is highly secured

by FTS Bulgaria, September 21, 2021

Focus on Your Business and Forget Your Concerns About Unauthorized Access or Your Data Being Locked for Ransom

Information security is an issue of top priority for any company, regardless of its size and industry. The high level of data protection and infrastructure in Microsoft Azure is the main driver for businesses to move to the cloud.

To ensure the secure operation of your information system and to protect your data, Microsoft Business Central Online uses a number of high-tech mechanisms that are not static but are constantly complemented and updated.

Here are some of these mechanisms:

  • User authorization with Azure Active Directory (AAD). Depending on your requirements, you can set up multi-factor authentication (MFA), restrict login devices or IP addresses. In the cloud, you can benefit from built-in AI controls that monitor for unusual and illogical signals and send proactive notifications to users.
  • Data encryption. Regardless of state (data at rest / data in transit), data is always encrypted.
  • Automated data archiving procedures. The Business Central Online database is protected by automated backups. Full backup is done every week, differential backup every hour, and transaction log backup every five minutes, all these backups with a retention period of 14 days.

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