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Improve remote access and empower employees wherever they need to work

by FTS Bulgaria, September 1, 2021

Nowadays, does anyone need to be convinced that business processes must be able to take place remotely?

Working entirely in a cloud environment and digitalization are no longer abstract marketing messages and are not tasks that we set only in our long-term development plans. The past 18 “covid” months have established remote work as the “new normal” and changed the way internal and external communication takes place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online allows you to work on any device, anywhere. No matter whether your employees are away on business, are working out of the office or working from home, Dynamics 365 Business Central Online provides them with all the tools they need to work effectively. Effective work does not involve only the means for entering information correctly, such as leads or sales orders or warehouse transfers or bank statements. It also involves operational speed, for which awareness is required.

Business Central Online is fully integrated with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams thus facilitating communication within the team. By a comment, chat or video conference you can share details about a specific business case with your colleagues, ask for clarifications for a document in the system or give a quick and reasoned answer to the questions of your managers.

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