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Digitalization Through Cloud Solutions is the Key to Sustainable Business Growth

by FTS Bulgaria, June 29, 2022

This was the focus of FTS Dynamics Day 2022 – Together on the top, which took place at the end of May this year. The thematic event is organized annually by FTS Bulgaria – a leading integrator of business applications for small, medium-sized and large businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s edition Together on the top was held live at one of the highest spots in Sofia – Ozone SkyBar & Lounge in the Millennium Hotel. Lots of customers and partners of FTS Bulgaria attended, and during the 3-hour event they were given presentations by as many as 10 of the leading consultants of the integrator.

Stanimir Kostov, FTS Group Managing Director:

„We believe that the future of information technology is in the Cloud.“

In-depth knowledge of Dynamics 365, optimal cloud solutions for any business and effective management through Data Analytics. These are the cornerstones of the competencies and services that FTS Bulgaria provides to its customers.

The highlights of the event were the novelties and trends in the development of the top Microsoft business apps, namely Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Azure and Power BI.

Azure in Support of Your Growth Strategy

Azure is one of the world’s fastest-growing large cloud platforms offering secure data storage and having the most extensive list of compliance certifications for each cloud service provider.

„Security should be a top priority for every business, wherever it is located and whatever its nature might be,” said Kalin Dimtchev, Country Manager Microsoft Bulgaria; Regional Country Manager Lead. 

Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing platform with a wide range of integrated cloud services such as analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web. Azure is constantly evolving and is currently the largest cloud resource on the market being actively followed by Amazon and Google.

Business Intelligence (BI) solution and Dynamics 365

Most Dynamics 365 customers are customers with large volumes of transactions, a high turnover and commonly have large numbers of staff – all these factors require a special approach when implementing a BI solution.

Key features of the BI solution:

  • To be a success, a project needs a person from the top management actively involved in it;
  • Balance between requirements and license costs, as well as creating hybrid tables
  • Data protection and compliance with corporate security policies

Leader for Cloud ERP for Product-centric Companies 

This is how Gartner recognizes Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in its 2021 Magic Quadrant.

Because it is a cloud-based system, because it has composable and packaged business capabilities, because it provides a number of standardized ERP features and tools for development and automation, because it has built-in analytical insights.“

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a dynamically developing ERP system. Thanks to the solid investments by Microsoft, we get a number of new features and improvements with every release, every month.

Some of them were presented at the event:

Priority-based Planning in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Thanks to this new feature in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, sales orders can now be prioritized. The sequence for covering a demand can be based on priorities specified by the users, and not only on the requirement dates requested by the customer. In addition – when defining the minimum inventory level, there is an option to define a reorder point. Until now, it was only possible to define minimum and maximum inventory quantities; and also an option to define a percentage for the maximum inventory quantities – the system calculates this by comparing the current stock level against the maximum defined stock level for the respective warehouse. Priority is given to the warehouse with lower stock levels.

Warehouse Slotting in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Warehouse slotting consolidates demand generated by sales orders and makes a replenishment of missing quantities in a picking location. The analysis takes into account the demand unit of measure, thus allowing for splitting the consolidated replenishment, for example, into a picking location for items and a picking location for cartons. Warehouse slotting goes through several stages – analysis of demand, locating /the system determines the best possible location for replenishment/ and generation of the replenishment work/task.

Automated Purchase Invoice Processing in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

The process can now be fully automated through two Power Platform components. Through Power Automate, which manages the flow of data from where the invoice scan is until the import of data into the ERP system, and AI Builder, which reads and identifies scanned invoice data, invoice data are imported into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations where these invoices can be automatically forwarded for approval, go through the matching procedure and are automatically posted.

The Advantages of the Cloud in the Context of Business Central – a Complete Business Management Solution for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Key advantages of Business Central in the cloud are: “upgrades can happen within hours” and “you can always have the latest version and access the latest and most advanced features”.

What’s New About Business Central Integrations

The system can be integrated with all Microsoft 365 products. The new thing about the integration with Outlook is related to the files we receive in emails – now from the received email you can attach files to the contact or order in Business Central. Data from the system can be easily shared in MS Teams – for example, you can adjust a price or add an additional discount, and the changes are immediately seen in Business Central. In One Drive, we can save a piece of information and then share it with specific colleagues and set restrictions for other colleagues. Another important integration is with Office 365 – what’s new is the import of a report from Excel as template into the system, as well as additional formatting of reports through graphs, charts and Pivot tables.

What’s New About Business Central Features

There are also a number of new features in each of Business Central modules. For the financе module – control of expense accruals, blocking accidental deletion, posting error checks; for the project module – sending emails from the project that can be loaded as tasks in Outlook; for the production module – creating a recipe and route in an inventory unit, forecasts based on variants, as well as adding fixed quantity in a production order.

FTS also presented its mobile WMS solution for Business Central which extends the warehouse functionality of the system and enables communication with the mobile application. Employees can easily register the movement of goods and materials, and thеir actions can be seen in real time in the EPR via web services.

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