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M-Files for Microsoft Teams

Teams, the fastest growing product in Microsoft’s history, has become an important accelerator of modern communication in many organizations. Take a leap forward in your digital transformation journey and combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 with intelligent information management to achieve better efficiency and compliance with rules and guidelines.

Benefits from using M-Files for Teams

  • You can access relevant documents through multiple channels in Teams
  • You can edit documents directly in the familiar Office apps
  • You receive access to all assets and archives
  • Employees always work on the latest version of documents
  • The system automates access control lists with metadata-based security rules
  • It automates record keeping and archiving of materials

In this brochure, you will find how to plan your digital transformation, make your daily work easier, eliminate your content silos and use suitable solution configuration. The material will be useful to users who use or are considering Microsoft Teams and need advanced information management functionality.

Find more about the benefits of the M-Files for Teams for your business from the brochure.