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Ad hoc analysis in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

by Lilia Savchenkova, October 12, 2020

By presenting the new functionality for ad hoc analysis in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, we continue the series describing the enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. After Saved Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, which users can officially use from October 2020, here we present to you the ability for quick ad hoc analysis directly in your work screen.

Let’s look at the following example. Sales staff normally work in the sales order screen, which provides them with detailed information about each order. Sales managers in their operational work, however, need to see this information grouped based upon various criteria such as status, delivery date, warehouse, order processor. The information structured in this way is very useful for making operational decisions, for example which orders are given priority or how order processing is distributed among the staff. This grouping can be done by the user in a convenient and easy way.

One and the same screen turns into a completely different workspace according to the role of the user in the organization. Grouping preferences can now be included in saved views, as well as subtotals in the section of each group. The user can specify which of his saved views are used as default views. In the example above, the sales manager will see the number of orders / order amount by sales representatives, the order processor will work with the detailed list of his orders, and the logistics officer will group the orders by warehouse and mode of delivery. Virtually any field on the screen can be used for grouping and any numeric field can be added to the group total section.


A few more handy functionalities from older versions of the product are again available:

– rearrange fields by dragging them on the screen;
– enter mathematical expressions directly in the numeric fields;
– fields suggested by the system to add to the screen based on other user preferences;
– mark a required field as mandatory.

FTSAll these tools make it easier and more intuitive for the user to work with the product.

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