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Latest Improvements in FTS Property Solution 2023

by Lilia Savchenkova, February 28, 2023

The FTS Property Solution development team announced latest improvements. The FTS team constantly develops the solution, adding on demanded features and using full potential of integration within the Microsoft Dynamics family. Every client collaboration influences further improvements, too. Thus, while implementing the system, key users bring industry best practice to the table.

This year, the FTS Team announced improvements in the module for accounting of utility costs (electricity, water, heat, etc.). In the current version, you can enter meter readings and view a complete history of readings. When prices for utilities change, the system will take it into account for automated cost calculation. The users can download meter readings from Excel-files.

Utility cost registration and invoicing in FTS Property Solution

For invoicing, there is now an option available to automatically send invoices to customers by email. The solution supports integration with electronic document interchange (EDI) services, as well.

Property Solution Overview

FTS Property Solution is an information solution for day-to-day management of property portfolio. It is dedicated to developers, investors, and real estate management companies. A dedicated solution for real estate industry combines capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and industry nuances.

The FTS clients use it for revenue and cost planning, for financial and managerial accounting. They manage lease agreements, properties, and premises details. Tenant managers keep records of contracts and technical documents. The solution helps to analyse big data and supports data-driven decision-making.

Latest Use Case

The latest improvements are being implemented in the project with Sofia South Ring Mall.

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