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Get the complete control over your marketing campaigns

Short Overview

Increase customer demand for your products and services and improve marketing results with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Run targeted, multi-channel campaigns and personalize each buyer’s journey to generate more sales-ready leads.

Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and connected processes with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Personalize and extend the capabilities of your app by connecting it with the apps and services you already use.


Connect sales and marketing

Creating a seamless customer experience starts with well-connected tools Know about all the interactions customers have had with you to help create a seamless experience for them—whether they’re responding to your marketing campaigns or speaking with your sales team.

Create better customer experiences on a secure and scalable digital foundation

Targeted, personalized digital marketing starts with a comprehensive web content management solution

Manage content using dynamic marketing software on a platform that scales globally

Rely on a platform that’s compliant with government, industry, and corporate standards


Attract the right prospects

Run targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns with marketing automation capabilities that include email marketing, web landing pages, events, telemarketing, SMS integration, LinkedIn integration, and other custom channels.

Identify, target, and close top accounts

Track and prioritize leads across all touch points with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades.

Improve marketing ROI

Target the right audience and focus on the highest-priority leads

Adapt Marketing to your needs

Use tools like no-code visual editors that simplify build-and-deploy processes for the web and mobile apps.

Who is this for?

Marketing departments in small, meduim and large companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why customers choose Dynamics 365?

    Dynamics 365 takes a new approach to business applications to help manage specific functions, as for example:

    • Sales – Increase sales and digital intelligence to help sales people stay focused and work smarter.
    • Finance – Makes ordering, selling and invoicing and reporting easier.
    • Supply chain management – Optimize operations and utilize digital intelligence to grow at your pace.

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    Do Dynamics 365 apps really work together seamlessly?

    With a common data model across Office 365, Power BI, ERP (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV), CRM and many other cloud business applications, it will be so much faster and easier than ever before to deploy and integrate solutions.This evolution eliminates historical boundaries created by business applications like CRM and ERP.