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Saved Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

by FTS Bulgaria, September 4, 2020

This April, Microsoft added for public preview the possibility for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations users to personalize the forms they use.

This feature will be generally available in October 2020 and is eagerly awaited by the Dynamics 365 community. It will allow users to organize the information on their screen in a convenient and effective way.

Although user-specific, the new saved views in Dynamics 365 will greatly facilitate centralized management of the arrangement of the forms in the system, the fields in them and the applied filters.

Let’s look at an example – there are two user groups working in the system – accountants and traders. Each group has to use the customer nomenclature. The two user groups, however, have different requirements of what customer information to be displayed. For one of these user groups, it is the customer posting profile that is important. For traders, this field is confusing or uninformative and they prefer to see the customer trade classification instead. In the previous version of Dynamics 365, meeting these requirements had the following shortcomings – the views set up by the administrator were distributed individually to each user and each user with rights could personalize these views.

With the new saved view feature, the above problems are solved in an elegant way because

  • administrators can distribute a saved view of forms and pages to the entire group
  • users cannot make changes to the views which they receive administratively

This enables companies to define a data view in Dynamics 365 in accordance with corporate requirements and security rules, whilst these views become valid for all group members.


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