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Work faster and smarter

by FTS Bulgaria, October 15, 2021

In today’s article we are going to tell you about the integration of Dynamics 365 Business Central Online with other Microsoft cloud products.

Being in the cloud, Dynamics 365 Business Central Online enables direct and easy integration with Dynamics 365 business applications and Office 365 products. This makes your employees work faster and more efficiently.

The links between the various applications and their advantages are numerous. Let us take a few of them in brief:

Integration with Office 365

The integration with Outlook allows us to register emails directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central as well as to associate them with the respective objects and scenarios. We can store and forward attached documents and synchronize our contacts.

This allows for fast and easy communication with your partners – customers and vendors.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

The integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy and convenient to communicate internally and coordinate daily tasks, whether your employees work in the office or remotely. We can quickly share information, system data and reply to requests.

Integration with Power BI

All reports created in Dynamics 365 Business Central can now be easily linked and upgraded with Power BI visualizations.

Here are some other integrations that we know so far – with Microsoft Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive.

The common platform of Dynamics 365 Dataverse products also allows the integration of Business Central with Dynamics 365 for Sales (Customer Engagement), where you can effectively manage communication with your customers.

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