What Do We Get with Power BI Premium per User License?

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What Do We Get with Power BI Premium per User License?

by FTS Bulgaria, October 4, 2020

Power BI Premium per User will be available in November 2020. This was one of the major news from Microsoft Ignite with which Microsoft made the Power BI community happy. The new licensing type allows companies to purchase Premium license for individual users only , not necessarily for the entire organization. The users with Power BI Premium license get access to exclusive premium functionalities such as:

  • Data models up to 100 GB in size (1GB limit in Power BI Pro);
  • Ability to schedule data refresh  up to 48 times per day (up to 8 times per day with Power BI Pro);
  • Create and publish paginated reports in Power BI Service;
  • Deployment pipelines – a fantastic tool for managing the life cycle of the Power BI content in big organizations;
  • Use of Azure AI services such as AutoML and Cognitive Service (Sentiment Analysis, Key Phrase Extraction, Language Detection, Image Tagging), directly connected to Power BI dataflows ;
  • XMLA endpoint read/write connectivity between Power BI models and third-party tools.

How do you enable the Premium per user functionality?

Premium per UserThe BI administrator defines which workspaces require Premium license.  The reports, dashboards, and datasets from such workspaces are accessible only to users with a Premium license. The user license (Premium, Pro or Free) is defined in the administrative panel of O365.

Are there any license limitations related to the email subscriptions?

The email subscription to Premium content is available for both Pro and Premium users.

What are paginated reports?

Paginated ReportsPaginated reports unlike typical Power BI reports, have a fixed structure. Usually, they need to look good when printed on paper or exported into Excel while keeping the structure and the format the same. Typical examples of such reports are P&L Statements and turnover reports.

What is AutoML?

AutoML is a Power BI functionality, which allows business analysts to use the Power BI dataflows for training and validating Machine Learning models. AutoML automatically extracts the essential features, finds the best algorithm and parameters, and generates a report with the validation results. The AutoML model thus created can be used to enrich the new and existing Power BI data.

More information on Power BI and Power BI Premium can be found on the official product page and on FTS website

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