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What is the role of ERP consultants?

by FTS Bulgaria, December 16, 2019

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultants are often specialists in a particular field, such as finance, logistics, trade, manufacturing.

Typically, consulting services include the selection, implementation, training and maintenance of an ERP system.

Do you need an ERP consultant?

Just like no one knows your business better than you do – in the same way, no one understands business management systems better than the people who work with them on a daily basis and implement it in companies of various size and business.

One of the most critical factors in implementing an ERP system is the partnership between the customer and the project team of the consulting company.
ERP consultants are experts in the transition from outdated, often inefficient business management systems to new solutions. They analyze and understand the requirements of your business and assess what the right IT solution would be.

Choosing the most appropriate system, implementing it, configuring it and then testing the system, and user training are all project phases that are performed by ERP consultants.
What kind of ERP consultant do you need? Some consulting companies have ERP consultants who specialize in a particular phase of the process, while others have consultants who can work on all phases of the project. It is important that the consultant who will work on your project has knowledge of your industry so as to ensure that all project requirements will be met.

What ERP consultants should you avoid?

You must be careful about consulting companies that offer you their best consultants, but in fact they will not work on the entire project. It is important that the same team works on the project from start to finish. Setting unrealistic deadlines forces consultants to hasten the implementation of the solution without fully understanding the business processes in your company.

What should be your expectations for an ERP consultant?

Typically, ERP projects are better known for being complex and high-risk endeavors. A good consulting company will follow a proven methodology, will listen to and guide the customer, eliminate the risks to the project, and be able to anticipate the psychological aspects of change.

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